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10 tips for effective emails

Use the following tips to help you with your emails.

  1. Think before you write. Plan your message.
  2. Use the subject line to capture your reader's attention.
  3. Keep your message short and clear. Remember that the screen shows only about half of what you see on hard copy.
  4. If your message is long, give a summary at the start.
  5. You are accountable for what you write. Always write your message as if your boss were going to read it.
  6. Do not send angry messages. Take a few minutes to cool down before you start your email.
  7. Don't type your message in capitals. Capitals are considered to be SHOUTING and are rude.
  8. Respect common grammar & spelling conventions. Don't type your entire message in lower case, and run a spell / grammar check over the message.
  9. Send messages only to people who need to read them. Respect other people's time and don't forward junk email to them. Use CC: and BCC: sparingly.
  10. Proofread your message before sending it. You should always reread your message before you send it and correct any mistakes.


The structure of an email




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