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When to use email

Even though email is quick and easy to use, sometimes another form of communication might be more suitable. Think about your message and the purpose it is meant to achieve. If a phone call would be better, don't use email. It would be better to think of an alternative to email when:

  • your message is personal or confidential
  • the news you have to give is bad. It is easy to sound unconcerned when you deliver unpleasant news by email
  • you are worried that your message might not be clearly understood
  • you need an immediate response

Language barriers and time difficulties may also be factors to consider.


Use the checklist to think about whether it would be appropriate to use email in the following situtations.

You need to confirm travel arrangements for a work conference to Hong Kong
Your friend's mother has sadly passed away
You need to remind your colleagues of a forthcoming meeting
You need to inform an employee that their services are no longer needed


Security and emails




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