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Subordinators are linking words that are used to join clauses together. They are used at the beginning or in the middle of a sentence. A clause is a group of words that must contain a subject and predicate. There are two types of clauses:

  • independent clauses - these can stand alone as a sentence by themselves
  • dependent clauses - these make no sense by themselves.


Two sentences with  linking words in the beginning or the middle of the sentence.

Common subordinators

Below are some examples of commonly used subordinators.

Comparison & Contrast Cause / effect Time
  • Although
  • Though
  • Even though
  • While
  • Whereas
  • Since
  • So that
  • Because
  • After
  • When
  • Until
  • Whenever
  • Before
Possibility Place & manner  
  • if
  • as if
  • whether
  • unless
  • Wherever
  • Where
  • How


Common linking words and phrases



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