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There are many ways people can improve their spelling. For instance, use a dictionary when in doubt, or learn to recognise the most common prefixes and suffixes to avoid mistakes. However, knowing a few simple spelling rules can help to improve your spelling.

1. Look, think, cover, write, check

a. LOOK carefully at the word, its shape and parts.
b. THINK about:

i. the parts of the words which might cause problems, such as silent letters and vowels that are not pronounced as you would expect
ii. any spelling rules.

c. COVER the word and see it in your mind's eye.
d. WRITE the word down without looking back.
e. CHECK to see if you are correct. Repeat.

2. Think of any spelling rules that apply. Learn other words that use the same rule

3. Break words into syllables

i. In—ter—net
ii. be—cause
iii. tech—nol—o—gy

then look for words with the

i. same chunks
ii. same spelling of the chunks

4. Keep a list of words that are causing you problems for easy reference





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