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Expectations of students

Were your experiences at RMIT different to your expectations?

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Cartoon of student saying 'I didn't realise I had to do this all on my own. At home we were given a lot more direction.'

Independent learning

Many new students are surprised that they are expected to become self-directed and independent learners in Australian tertiary institutions. You will need to develop the following skills:

  • The capacity to learn without explicit direction, for example using the library to find readings, and organising and completing your assignments.
  • The ability to work independently and manage your time.

Asking questions

Some students feel uncomfortable about asking questions, perhaps because, they think they will be seen as rude, too demanding or wasting time. In Australia staff would prefer you ask. If you donít understand something you are expected to ask questions.

Cartoon of student saying 'How should I structure this assignment?' while thinking 'I need to learn to ask more.'

Who to ask

At RMIT there are people whose job is to help you and answer your questions. These people include:

These people are very keen to answer your questions and to help you.

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