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Developing critical thinking Siphiwe

Was critical thinking a new skill for you to apply at RMIT?

There's a bit more emphasis on critical thinking here, it's required of you. And that would be, for instance, giving an assignment.

For instance having been asked to do a literature review on a topic, it's not just a question of reviewing the literature and putting the views together or organising them. On top of that you've got to critique them, and state what you think, what are your views given all the evidence, or all the opinions, or what do you question, what do you support, and why. What could have been better.

A topic that may have been given, you really have to always think OK was that really good? Could you have done well without it, why did somebody come up with such a theory, and was it really necessary or they just didn't have anything else to do. It's things like that, and it can be demanding especially when you are used to just pointing out facts.

Now having to go further and think about those facts, and teach you something from it can be quite a task.

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