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Expectations of students - Hans

Were your experiences at RMIT different to your expectations?

The semester is fairly short comprised into 13-15 weeks, and there's a lot of hard work going on all through those 15 weeks, whereas what I'm used to from Denmark is that we have a semester and then we have quite a long break preparing for an exam.

If you do the work from the beginning, on from day one, then everything is going to be fine at the end, but it is quite important that you aren't too lazy in the beginning. So what I've experienced is that if I start out hard from the day one, and kind of get an idea about how much work has to be done, and when are the assignments due, and all that, then everything is going to be fine.

We have been doing, and still are doing a lot of group work in groups, and that's a very good thing to do I think, but for me at least, it has been quite a challenge.

I have been studying law in Copenhagen, which is a quite conservative way of .. degree I should say, where we don't have any work in groups at all.

So it was a new thing for me to do down here, and it has been a challenge to kind of deal with that way of working, and actually figure out how to actually work in teams, and there has been some issues that you have to deal with.

And I'll just say that people should be prepared that a lot of group work, that a lot of assignments have to be done in groups, and it's important that you communicate very clearly within the group, so everybody kind of knows what are the expectations of the members, and that you communicate what is it that we are going to do here, and that you follow up on each others work all the time .. if you learn to do that, I'm pretty sure it will be good in the end.

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