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Were your experiences at RMIT different to your expectations?

I think I would advise them to ask a lot of questions from everybody around them, especially their teachers, which are a major resource.

I think that they should make an effort and try to find and locate the kind of students services, international student services that are available at RMIT. They are a big resource to help.

I was really really amazed at the kind of services that were provided to international students. We don't have that.. those kind of student support services in our country, and later on I used those services as well.

I would advise them to make an effort to go and meet these people, and explore what kinds of support they can get. If they can't get some kind of concrete support, I am sure they can lend you an ear, and they can definitely guide you towards some services which can find some solutions for you.

And the second thing that I found which is very different over here, was the kind of learning environment in the classroom. It's less formal and it's less ... like somebody standing there in front of you and teaching you or lecturing you. It's more interactive, but for lots of international students it's a problem for them.

And what happens is because they're in the habit of not participating in the class, they end up staying quieter in the class which is usually mistaken by being not very knowledgeable by the lecturers.

So I think they should make an effort to participate in the class more, and let their opinions be known about anything, and they don't have to worry that they would offend the teacher or their class fellows. They have the right to their opinions, and I think that they can express that.

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