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Structuring assignments - Trine

Was the approach to assignments different in Australia compared to your country?

Also, about writing assignments it's very important to learn or understand very clearly what the expectations are.

When I was in university in Denmark it was much more writing an assignment that was the same thing every time you just pretty much wrote whatever you wanted but here it's a lot of focus on is this an essay, is this a report, is this a case study and there is lots of rules about how it needs to be done.

So it's very important to talk to your teacher, really listen to what they want. They will usually give you a structure and most of the time it's very important and it makes a big impact on your grade that you follow that structure.

So that's a big advice that you first of all really listen to what the teachers say and then if it's not clear that you ask again and make sure you know the difference between an essay and a report and all those kind of things.

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