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Understanding referencing - Siphiwe

Was referencing a new skill for you?

I found that here at RMIT that referencing is very important. Now having done my Bachelors back home, I knew it was too, and I had been socialised into referencing.

It's just that the extent to which it is emphasized here is a whole lot more different, and there's a whole lot more emphasis on referencing, and a particular type of referencing.

So you really have to learn it, otherwise you get into trouble for plagiarism and stuff. So you must learn and it's a good idea to ask also even if you knew .. like I was familiar with APA and a bit of Harvard.

There's a whole lot more emphasis on actually changing the information that you extract from the source. They really want you to put it in your own words so that was new for me .. it was very new.

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