Design projects: the brief

A design project is both a practical exercise and a creative exploration of a design solution. A design brief ensures all parties, ie the design professional, the client and any other practitioners involved, know what their role is and what they need to do.

In general, a brief:

  • provides instructions and information about the task to be completed
  • ensures that all parties are clear about what the output of the task(s) will be
  • outlines the process for achieving the output
  • introduces the 'thematics' i.e. ideas that drive the studio.

The terminus brief

This brief was presented as a lower pool design project. It uses a final year student's output to model the project. It deconstructs the essential elements of the brief and shows the design and development of the student's designs and presentations. It also integrates teacher and student analysis to increase your understandings of the assessment tasks, expectations and processes involved in completing a brief. To view this brief, you will need Adobe Acrobat reader.

The terminus (PDF 22 KB)

Special thanks go to Brad Wray for making his work available for this project.


Answering a brief