Checklist for project development and presentation

Use the following checklist before submitting your project and presentation.

Project criteria
Yes No Not applicable
I have read the brief carefully and addressed the key requirements.
I have researched the site (and / or program) and identified relevant elements of context (See below).
I have researched any concepts or constraints presented by the brief or studio outlines
I have considered and researched precedents, metaphors, analogies, relevant principles of thought etc. as ways of linking concept and form.
I have produced drawings from relevant perspectives that show the key moments of the design in plan section and three dimensions.
I have created a resolved model that reflects design concepts and relationship to the site.
I have considered and demonstrated materiality and structural resolution at an appropriate range of scales.
I have a concept statement.
I have a panel or horizontal panel of images highlighting key conceptual ideas and drawings of my research and process.
I have a central panel of images that show the resolution of my design.
I have a panel of images focussed on the context issues relating to the site etc.
I have made the size of key images bigger than other less important images.
I have got an image to match each key point I want to make.
I have made the connection between my design concept and form clear and demonstrated this in a number of ways.
I have acknowledged design precedents or the work of other designers / thinkers in some way.


The following factors need to be taken into account when considering the context:

History Environmental factors Program Built environment Materiality Cultural / socio-economic conditions
  • orientation (sun, light, wind)
  • climate
  • who's doing what where?
  • scale
  • shape


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