Site analysis

This initial work is important to do thoroughly; it works hand in hand with your architectural intentions - that is, what are you interested in? What are your precedents

In analysing the different sites and the ferry journey, Brad and the group researched the different elements of their designated sites. Brad's analysis of his site included:

  • history and geography of the site - a working wharf
  • the materiality of the site - timber wharf and wharf buildings, shipping containers
  • the context of the site - within the new Docklands area.

His process included:

  • photographing the river and the context of the site
  • annotating maps and arial photos
  • downloading historical, geographic and other articles from the Internet
  • creating a collage
  • sketching and drawing the site
  • sketching initial ideas and design thoughts in response to the site and initial research

Group site & ferry journey analysis (PDF)


Task 2