Task 4: the bridge

Task 4 requires the student to design a bridge that connects the student's terminal to the city. The design had to include three public / commercial spaces: an exhibition space, a small restaurant / cafe and a commercial space. The design also had to refer to conceptual ideas begun in the previous projects. This section looks at how Brad developed his design for the bridge.

Developing the concept

For this section, Brad began exploring the idea of connection i.e. connecting his terminal to the city. He began by thinking of the bridge as an arm, and used the arm and its mechanics 'metaphorically' for his design.

The metaphor of the bridge as an arm. The bridge reaches across the river like a hand - a skeletal framework

Brad's concept sketches (945 KB)

Where did this idea come from?

  1. This idea comes from his thinking and research about 'connecting', reaching across to the city with his design
  2. He first explored it through sketches, drawing an arm and its movement and then thinking how that translates into architecture and then specifically into a bridge.
  3. To develop and test this idea, he researched the mechanics of an arm and the structural requirements of a bridge. Brad envisaged the bridge as a skeleton structure.


The design response