Argument analysis involves deconstructing the parts of an argument NOT agreeing or disagreeing

Understanding the assessment task

This assessment task requires you to write your argument analysis in an essay format.

In argument analysis assignment tasks you need to note:



Look at this task. Click on the buttons to identify the different sections / requirements of the task.

    Analyse the component parts of the author’s argument.
    • the claims made
    • the evidence they use to support their claims
    • the assumptions relied on in advocating a particular position.


What do the words mean?

Write questions about the task in your own words. For example:

Key questions in an argument analysis What are the assessment criteria?

The assessment criteria tells you how the task will be assessed. In an argument analysis this will be how well you have:

What is the structure of an argument analysis?

  • What is a claim?
  • What is evidence?
  • What are assumptions?
  • identified the main claims
  • identified the evidence
  • identified the key assumptions
  • demonstrated good writing, expression and grammar
  • organised the content of your answer.