Patternmaking terms


For students new to fashion there are many new terms to remember. This tutorial suggests ways that students can learn more efficiently. it provides labelled illustrations with audio and practice activities to help students learn basic patternmaking terms.

1. Start small

When there is a lot of new language to learn it is helpful to break it into small manageable bits. Learn these first then build on this basis.

This tutorial will focus on the 'Basic Block' as a starting point.

2. Use visual techniques

Most fashion terms refer to visual and practical processes so it is helpful to use a visual approach to learn them.

Visual strategies include:

  • Draw and label your own diagrams.
  • Put diagrams on a wall fridge.
  • Make copies and carry them with you to read on the tram.
  • Make flash cards.
  • Cut photos out of magazines and label them.


Basic Block- Skirt