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What makes mindmaps so effective?

Mindmaps utilise both the left and right side of our brains. We have been taught to plan mainly using a linear approach eg. making lists. When we actively use both sides of our brain we can develop richer mental concepts that the brain should be able to retrieve when it needs to.

Test yourself

Step One

After reading Chapter 12 on Tooth Morphology, write as many of the words that describe the structure of the teeth. Think about one section of the mouth. Here is an example where we have looked at the section 'the anterior permanent dentition':

example of linear list

When you have your list of words, find some way of chunking them together:

Chunked list

Then compare your list with the section from the text and consider what you have left out. In this list, it starts to become obvious that some kind of structure or hierarchy is needed.


Step 1




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