Write and edit

Write your talk in full or write detailed notes.

  • Content
    Make sure the ideas are logical and clear.
    Use examples and facts to illustrate your points.
  • Language
    Use language appropriate to the audience and purpose, generally a formal but conversational tone is best. (no slang or colloquial language)
  • Structure
    Summarise your talk into meaningful chunks (eg. numbered or bullet points)
    Consisting of main points and supporting details (similiar to an essay plan).
    Use these brief notes to guide you through your talk.

Practise, Practise, Practise

  • Rehearse your talk at least 5 times and time yourself. When you know your talk well you will deliver it well.
  • Practise with a friend or family member and get feedback from them.
  • Try practising in front of the mirror.
  • Practise delivering your talk using the main points and brief notes only on cue cards. It is important that you know your topic thoroughly so that you don't read.

Student practising in front of mirror


Structuring a presentation