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Torres & Ehrlich 2005 Modern Dental Assisting

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Many people think they need to simply read a text book from beginning to end to learn the relevant information. However, efficient reading strategies allow students to locate specific information in a text without having to 'read' it all. These strategies make it possible to identify topics that need close reading. The skill is to read with more focus.

1. Understand the structure of your text book

Understanding the structure of your text book helps you to get a general understanding of what the text is about, its specific contents and how it is organised. To gain an understanding of a text book's content and structure, you should first look at the Table of Contents.

In your Modern Dental Assisting textbook the Table of Contents is structured from parts to chapters to main headings to sub headings.


Online quiz

Open Torres & Ehrlich 2005 'Modern Dental Assisting' to the Table of Contents and complete this quick quiz.


Structure of a chapter



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