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5. Strategies for learning and remembering

1. Organise information into meaningful chunks

  • Use mindmaps to chunk information. Mindmaps will be discussed in Tutorial 3.

Example of mind map

  • Make and label your own diagrams

sketch of labial tooth

2. Make charts, diagrams or drawings to show steps in procedures

  • Clearly number steps / order of tasks

E.g. Steps for completing assignments.

  1. Read the question carefully.
  2. Read the appropriate chapter in your textbook.
  3. Plan your answer.
  4. Write your answer.

3. Tips for remembering dental terms

Use charts or tables to categorise words / terms that have common root words

Eg. dont/o (teeth) orthodontist, endodontist, periodontist

Make lists of commonly used prefixes and suffixes

  • Eg. prefixes pre..... (before)
  • post..... (after)
  • suffixes (specialist)
  • .....logy (the study of

Task 2

Use your copy of the book to complete the task below. Submit the task to your teacher.

  • Draw and label a diagram of the Permanent molars and their parts.


Assessment task



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