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3. Strategies for reading

When reading it is helpful to think about going from the general to the specific.

1. Overview the whole chapter
Start by looking at the whole chapter to get an overview of what is coming.
Look at title/main headings /diagrams/tables
Scan for main points and key words
Read headings and sub-headings
2. Read and take notes section by section
Use text in bold as a guide to read selectively
Take notes on a separate page
Highlight all new and important terms in text
3. Recall and note
After each section check answers to Recall questions
Brainstorm key ideas and terms around each topic
4. Review chapter - what can I remember?
What are the main headings and sub-headings?
Use mind maps and diagrams to organise and record details
Look at critical thinking
Look at legal and ethical


Reading and notetaking



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