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General tips for organising the A, B, C time-ways

A. Semester Planner (Collect one from the SLC)
Choose colours for:

  • RMIT holidays
  • holidays from work
  • assignment due dates
  • rough draft due dates
  • exam dates
  • personal/ family commitments eg. weddings
  • number the weeks of attendance at RMIT

B. Weekly Planner (Use your RMIT university diary)

  • Your RMIT University diary opens out to show the week at a glance. This can be very useful. Have a specific goal for each study session
  • Make a weekly timetable with regular study blocks. Don't be afraid to change it around if it doesn't work
  • Mark in your study times. Divide them into a structure like this one:
    • 3 minutes - decide what to do
    • 25 minutes - do it!
    • 2 minutes - review it
    • Do this twice and then have a break.

C. Daily planner (Post-It notes or recycled paper strips)

  • Each day begin a new list
  • Tick off the tasks as you complete them
  • Do not begin something that you will not finish

Stay healthy - factor in a walk, a run, play, relax and eat well.