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Tips for conquering procrastination

If my house is too tidy, it probably means that I have been procrastinating. Everyone has a different strategy for avoiding this aweful ailment. Some suggestions that we find useful are:

  • begin with a task you enjoy
  • avoid being a perfectionist
  • eliminate housework
  • plan your time and stick to it
  • break up difficult or 'dry' work into sections
  • set deadlines for yourself.

In addition to the rules, try these:

  1. Set up a place where you do your study at home. Make it special somehow. Sit there every day for a little while, at least initially so you settle in. Make sure everyone in yout household understands that while you are in that place, you would rather not be disturbed.
  2. At your allocated study times, break each 30 minutes into:
  • 3 minutes - decide what you are going to do
  • 25 minutes - work at it
  • 2 minutes - Look over and review what you have done.

Do this twice then have a break.


Tips for limiting interruptions