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Time management is an esssential skill for dental assisting students. Use these tips and suggeestions to become a good manager of your own time:

alarm clock

1. Goal setting
Know what you are trying to achieve. To set goals, you need to decide on goals that are:

  • long term (eg. Go overseas to work)
  • medium term (eg. Complete Dental Assisting qualification)
  • short term (eg. Read chapter 13 on the train this week)

2. Prioritising
What is most important on your list of priorities? What comes first? What order should you do the jobs you have to?

  1. Watch Big Brother
  2. Complete assessment task
  3. Bed early tonight

3. Planning your time
How can you plan what has to be done? As a student, you need to think of your time in three ways:

  • semester basis
  • weekly basis
  • daily basis

4. Making the best use of your time. Time is a valuable resource that should be put to good use.


Tips for organising the ABC time-ways