Aged Care Nursing

Essay structure and planning

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This assessment appears simple and IS simple. However, for the unsuspecting student, it can very easily become unmanageable given the constraints of the word limit. This video will help you deliver a focussed and effective response to the set task.  


Sample Aged Care Nursing Essay

The following is an outline of an example response to the essay for Aged Care Nursing. We hope this will help you structure your own assignment but please do not feel bound by this example. It is not a template and we do not encourage you to use the wording provided.

Answering the question

The requirements are to outline (list and explore) various changes that accompany ageing.

Topic sentences

Sample topic sentences have been provided in the text. These can signal a shift to a new section or identify the new topic of a paragraph.

Developing a theme

An essay can be given more coherence, if you develop a simple theme that runs through your essay. However this should exist in the background and it should not become the essay itself. While a theme can add unity to the essay, it is not essential and definitely should not distract from the key requirements of the essay (i.e. outlining the changes).

Sample Essay: 'Ageing: A complexity of changes'

Theme: While there are many different changes in the ageing process, most of them are caused by or affect other aspects of ageing.

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Annotated essay sample for Aged Care Nursing