Critical incident reflection

Critical Incident Report for Mental Health 1

Part 1- The Preliminary Guide

Video link to part 1

Are you wondering what reflective writing is about? Do you need help deciding what sort of incident you should select? Are you clear on what a variable is? This video gives an overview of the assignment, some of the pitfalls to avoid and an outline of a sample critical incident.


Part 2 - Incorporating the Literature

Video link to part 2

This assignment involves reflecting on YOUR particular incident, but at the same time you need to integrate relevant information from literature. This video will provide some guidance of how this can be done.   .


Part 3 - Structures for Reflective Writing

Video link to part 3

Avoid a rambling stream of consciousness recounting what happened when. There is a structure to the writing process as well as the reflective process. View this video to see what you need to think about and say with regard to your incident.   .


Part 4 - Sample Paragraphs

Video link to part 4

If you are still unsure about what to do, watch and listen to how a sample incident can be analysed.  

You might also like to download another model of a critical incident report to help you with your assignment

MHN1 critical incident report (PDF)