Oral presentations

Oral Presentations for Mental Health 2

Part 1 - Organising group work

Link to organising groupwork video

A group presentation does not involve separate parts getting stitched together at the last minute. Group members need to collaborate at key points throughout the whole process. Watch this video and see how.  


Part 2 - A sample structure

Link to sample structures movie

Just as writing tasks have a structure, oral presentations have structure too.   Without the structure, your key points will lack strength or be lost entirely. Watch this video and get some tips on how to get your message across effectively.  


Part 3 - Presentation skills

Link to presentation skills video

Being a good speaker is something that can be learned and practiced. This video will give you some tips for delivering an effective and professional talk.  


Part 4 - Thinking about the content

Link to thinking about content video

Do you have a message for your audience? Do you know what to say at each stage? Watch this video to avoid the ‘blah blah blah’ delivery and make this an interesting learning experience for your audience.