Using gateways

Gateways are institutional spaces that can be used to store and publish different assets to and for appropriate groups. To publish to a gateway, you need to have appropriate publishing rights. Gateway owners can set a range of permissions including the abilities to view, publish, copy, comment or give feedback on published assets.

Publishing to a gateway

To publish an asset, e.g. resource, file, proforma etc. to a gateway, do the following:

  1. Login to PebblePad using your normal Novell user name and password.
  2. Either upload a new file, Upload file, or select a file from the asset store.
  3. From the asset store panel, select file then the Send to option and finally the appropriate gateway.

Sending an asset to a gateway through the send to panel

To view the asset after publishing, elect View>gateways then choose the appropriate gateway and navigate to the appropriate sub-gateway if required.

Viewing assets in gateways

To view assets in a gateway, do the following:

  1. View>gateways
  2. Select the appropriate gateway or sub gateway as required
  3. Locate the item and view it.

Viewing assets in a gateway

Managing gateways

If you are the administrator of a gateway, you can set user permissions, add sub-gateways and manage and resources. You are also able to generate reports on gateway usage.


The following guides are useful for publishing to, viewing and administrating gateways.

PebblePad presentation help videos: gateways
Working with PebblePad: gateways and publishing (PDF 110 KB)

Managing gateways (PDF 382 KB)