Sharing and publishing

One of the most powerful features of an ePortfolio is the ability to share your personal assets with others, e.g. your colleagues, a class, professional associations, a potential employer etc. In PebblePad sharing and publishing permissions are set through the send to panel options.

The send to panel

The send to panel allows you to share your assets, whether it be a single asset or an entire webfolio, with others. Select the appropriate option, e.g. a person.

Assets can be shared with a person, the web, a gateway, a blog, a word file or a printer through the send to panel

Sharing with people

The person option allows you to share an asset with other PebblePad users or external contacts. External contacts are added through adding the person's name and email address. Once a contact has been added, it is stored in My contacts. Contacts can also be batched as groups if required.

Sharing permissions

When sharing with other people, you need to grant permissions for what people can do with the asset. The default permission is view. Set other permissions in the second panel to allow people to:

  • comment
  • copy
  • collaborate (all sharees can work can edit a master asset which is remains current for all)
  • cascade (pass onto other people).

Permissions to comment, copy, collaborate and cascade can be set  when sharing with people

Open sharing on the web

If you wish to share an asset to the web, an open URL will be created and emailed to you. Others will be able to view this asset without logging in. Permissions can be set to allow people to comment on the asset as well as specify how long the asset will be open to view.

Sharing with a gateway

Gateways are institutional spaces that can be used to store and publish different assets to and for appropriate groups, e.g. classes. To publish to a gateway, you need to have appropriate publishing rights.

Upon publishing an asset to a gateway, you will receive an automatically generated email advising of the successful publishing transaction, and all members of the gateway will be notified of the new asset.


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