Tags and special pages

PebblePad has some useful features that can assist you in your teaching practice. The following sections outline some of these features.


Everything in PebblePad can be tagged, that is have a subject identifier attached to it. PebblePad has a basic set of tags, but you can create your own tags to suit your discipline or interest areas. Tags can be added in the create new wizards, but also through the More options in the last wizard panel.

The tag options in PebblePad showing some of the predefined tags including development, education and work

Creating a new tag

To create a new tag, select all tags from the bottom of the tag dropdown menu. From the all tags panel, type the name of the new tag, and select the type of tag from the options, new, edit or .. Finally select the add tag icon.

Type the new tag name in the text entry field then select the tag type: new, sub tag or edit tag. Select create new tag icon to add tag

Search assets by tags or type

To quickly find your assets, you can search by asset type from the assets tab in the asset manager. Click on the arrow to display asset types. Select the icon of the asset type you want and only those assets will be displayed.

You can also search using the search tab in the asset manager. This allows you to search by asset type, tag, keyword or date created.

Clicking on the arrow in the asset tab, allows assets to be searched by category, e.g. the show only blogs icon The search panel offers options to search by tag, asset type, date or keyword

Special pages

PebblePad allows you to create nested webfolios that contain other assets, e.g. profile responses inside a webfolio, or all your assets with a particular tag embedded as links in a single webfolio page.

To do this, select the item tab in the webfolio wizard and select the assets or tags you would like embedded in the webfolio page.

A profile embedded in a webfolio creates a sub page navigation menu


There are extensive help resources embedded within PebblePad. Wherever there is a ? icon, you will find specific help resources for that element or area. This is very useful when you are unsure about what a function is form, or what to do next.


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