Webfolios are a collection of web pages with a navigation system that can be used to present assets as an ePortfolio or resource. To create a webfolio, Create New>more>webfolio. This will start the webfolio wizard.

The wizard will guide you through the process of creating a webfolio. Pages are added in the fourth panel. Type the name of the page and select the add icon. The page will be added to the page list. To add content or edit the page, double click on the page, or select the page then Edit page icon. This will start the Editor.

The editor is a simple text editor that allows you to format text, add links both to web pages and assets and to insert images. Make sure you are in Image editor mode from the plain text / image placement editor toggle button.

PebblePad's text editor specifically highlighting the image placement toggle button


A webfolio with an intext image


Sample webfolios
PebblePad presentation help videos: creating webfolios


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