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Hello and welcome to RMIT, one of the great universities in the world. My name is Paul Gough and I’m the Pro Vice-Chancellor and Vice President of the college of Design and Social Context. This university has outstanding learning and teaching, wonderful research, but above all - we care for every student. We look after them in their accommodation needs, we look after them in their learning and teaching, we look after them for their student support and all their pastoral needs as well.

Melbourne is the most amazing city to study in, it’s safe, it’s diverse, it’s multi-cultural. I really welcome every student that comes to my college and to this university, and I really look forward to meeting you.

This resource has been designed to help you make a smooth transition into student life at RMIT University. Find out about living, studying and making friends in Melbourne by exploring links to the RMIT website and to other RMIT online resources.


RMIT Campuses

RMIT has three campuses in Melbourne and two regional sites. Find out more about your campus.

Working in Melbourne

Need a job? All you need to know about making yourself employable, finding work and planning your future career.


Start here if you are looking for a place to live. Information about moving in and out, what you need to know before you rent and settling disputes.

Student wellbeing

Your wellbeing is important. RMIT offers a range of services such as counselling, finance, disability, legal and health support.

Trips and tours

See Australia. You can join various trips and tours to great locations in Australia with discounted prices for RMIT students.


Meet new people, develop your skills and earn recognition by becoming a volunteer in the RMIT LEAD program.

Art and Culture

Take part in the cultural life of RMIT University and Melbourne City. You don’t have to be an Art student to be creative!

Sport and Fitness

Get fit and make new friends at RMIT. Join one of the many sports clubs or take out a membership at the RMIT Gym.


International Student Experience

Listen to what other RMIT international students say about their experiences in adapting to study in Australia. They offer some great insights and advice.

The Study and Learning Centre

Visit the Study and Learning Centre to get free study and academic skills advice. Build your skills in a friendly environment, with learning advisors and students to guide you.

The Learning Lab

Visit the RMIT Learning Lab. Improve your general academic study, writing and maths skills through the interactive tutorials and printable handouts. RMIT students can also access language, academic writing and maths assistance in our online services area.

Improve your English

Listen to students speaking about strategies they used to develop their English. You will pick up lots of helpful hints and practical advice.

Reading skills

Don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of reading required at university. Become an efficient reader to save time and reduce stress.

Note taking

Save time and become a more efficient student by learning how to take notes effectively.

Assignment Planning

Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your assignments! Watch this video to see what steps to take and when.

Assessment tasks

You will be given a variety of assessment tasks at university. Find out what to expect and how to approach them.


In university assignments, you will need to discuss other people’s ideas. In Australia, you are required to acknowledge someone else’s work or ideas by referencing. Learn why and how to reference.


RMIT has several libraries located at different locations. Friendly, experienced librarians can help you use library resources, services and facilities.


RMIT iSearch is an interactive online resource designed to help you develop your research skills.


New Student Guide

Help make your transition to student life at RMIT and Melbourne as easy as possible by using the RMIT Arrival Guide.

Get Involved

Join in the huge range of activities available to RMIT students. Create, innovate, volunteer, mentor, develop leadership skills and make life-long friends.


Settle into Melbourne and RMIT by connecting with current RMIT students in the Mates at RMIT peer-mentoring program.

RMIT Student Union

Explore your social, professional, political and cultural identities by joining one of RMIT’s many clubs and societies.



Elsa is currently a student at RMIT, who also works as a Student Learning Assistant (SLA) for the Study and Learning Centre. Here are her three thoughts on what she likes about RMIT.


Amy is one of the very helpful librarians at RMIT. Make sure you visit the library and familiarise yourself with all their great resources.


Liz works as a Learning Skills Advisor for the Study and Learning Centre. Drop in for assignment writing and study skills advice, English language development, and maths, physics and chemistry support.

Thank you!

This resource was developed by the Study and Learning Centre in collaboration with the College of Design and Social Context, and is adapted from the Pre-departure Resource, produced by the Academic Development Group, College of Business.

We hope you enjoyed exploring the links and that you found the information useful. Please bookmark this site and use it for future reference during your stay in Melbourne.

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