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UniReady: Study Skills

The UniReady: Study Skills quiz is a quick self-assessment tool designed to help you transition into tertiary study at RMIT. It covers the areas of study skills, reading, writing, and critical thinking.

Good luck with your university preparation!


Welcome to the UniReady: Study Skills quiz

  • There are 20 questions. It should only take you around 5 minutes to complete.

  • Read each statement. Decide whether you "agree" or "disagree". If you're not sure or don't know, choose "I'm not sure".

  • You will not be tracked — the quiz is anonymous.

  • Make sure you read the individual feedback for each question.

  • On completion, you will see how well-prepared you are in each area. You will also find helpful resources on the RMIT Learning Lab.

My Results

Thanks for taking the quiz. Now, spend some time thinking about your results.

Study Skills I am well-prepared
Reading I am well-prepared
Writing I am well-prepared
Critical Thinking I am well-prepared
Download quiz and feedback (PDF 117 KB)

Study Resources

What next? Use the resources below to support your studies at RMIT.

You can also visit the RMIT Learning Lab website for all your academic study, writing, and English language support throughout your studies.

Using Ideas/Academic Integrity:
Assessment Tasks:
Getting Help:

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